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I'm a creative at heart, and I have always had a passion for great line work, illustration, and getting lost in painting. 

I, like most people, was urged to not pursue a BFA by my family. I kept up with my art as a hobby throughout my undergrad and there after. The pandemic that started in 2020 left me feeling creatively lost and I decided to enroll in a ceramics class in October 2021 to try something new and push myself in a new way. The pottery wheel had a really deep impact on me and I'm now a member of that same studio here in the mission district of San Francisco and make handmade pottery in my free time.

I love the feeling of the clay in my hands, experimenting with texture on functional forms, and the entire process from start to finish. I launched my ceramics brand, Cat Skull Ceramics, February 2023 and you can follow my journey there more closely. Everything is handmade on the wheel or sculpted onto wheel thrown pieces by me.

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